OSX Lion (10.7) out of the gate [Review in progress][update:2]

OSX Lion was released today. I’m downloading my copy as I write. Apple has created a lot of hype leading up to this release and I’m excited to try it out. I didn’t bother to try getting my hands on any of the developer releases, I just don’t have the time to mess around with something like that.

Like every good Apple fan boy, I can’t help but stay up to date with the latest hardware and software. I will write an update with my own observations on the Lion OS. For the price ($29.99) I don’t think you can go wrong. I’ll spend weeks finding all the new features and cursing at Apple for removing the features I still use.


Just finished the download from the Apple App Store and OSX is already prompting me to install the update. I’m nervous to do so without backing up first. My backup drive is at home and well, I’m at work. So I think I’ll wait until tonight to finish the installation.


Check out my first impressions: Permalink



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