OSX Lion (10.7) Breaks Git, the Power PC is dead, and my Bin commands are gone

I did it! I installed OSX Lion. Overall the whole process went well. I didn’t loose any of my data, but a few of my commonly used programs broke under the update.

Git users, beware! For those that don’t know, git is version management software that is run in the terminal, facilitating synchronization, deployment and version management of files for web developers. After my install… Git was no where to be found. Thankfully a fresh install of Git was all it took to get back up and running.

All of my Bin commands disappeared after the update. I use text mate and had the terminal extension installed. A simple re-install should fix.

All of my locally run virtual servers and http.config setting were still intact.

Power PC applications are officially no longer supported by the Mac OSX. I had to scrap JackOSX and Camouflage. Maybe someone will distribute an update some day.

[First Impressions:]

Overall I’m unimpressed with OSX Lion 10.7. There are some cool new features, such as the updated exposé now called Mission Control. Other than that, and full-screen apps (a useless feature for anyone requiring multiple monitors), not much has changed. There are limited speed improvements in most areas and in some cases boot time is even said to be slower. I know my MacbookPro sure seems a lot slower since the update.


Unless you do a lot of technical support for Mac users and need to be up to date on OS troubleshooting, then my suggestion would be wait to upgrade. Most of the major software developers will release updates within the next few weeks, ensuring all of your software works seamlessly.



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