Learn to blog at Orillia Georgian College[Cancelled]

I’m really depressed about this and hate to say it, but due to low enrolment the “Blog Now” Bootcamp course has been cancelled this semester. As far as I know we are trying again for the winter semester. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a better enrolment. Read about my previous excitement below.

I’m starting “Blog Now Bootcamp”! A new course being offered at Orillia Georgian College. I’m really excited to be working on something unique and hope that other’s can benefit from what I’ve already learnt about blogging. The internet is a constantly changing landscape and sometimes it’s hard to know what to make of all these different blogging platforms/social networks. I take a different approach and focus on the key principals to any good marketing strategy.

Blog Now Boot Camp

BUSN 0165

This course is for the new blogger! We
encourage small business owners, family
businesses and entrepreneurs to consider
blogging as a way to increase your online
business profile. This course gives you the tools
to make it easy to create your own blog, and
tips to make your blogs enticing to readers.

Section 1:

Date Day Time
Sep 12-Oct 2 Monday 7-9pm
Note: Monday Oct 2 7-8pm

Section 2:*

Date Day Time
Oct 19-Nov 9 Wednesday 7-9pm
Note: Wednesday Nov 9 7-8pm
*This section is not yet finalized, dates subject to change.


Follow this link to register for Blog now Bootcamp.

Stay Up to date

When… and I do mean when, not if. When I develop the online version of this course, I will post an update here. Hopefully February, 2012. Comment below if you’re interested in this possibility.





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