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As a kid I really liked cartoons and I liked drawing. I was pretty decent at it and my parents quickly made the connection between my doodles and my joy of cartoons. They signed me up for a cartooning course when I was about 9 and for several weeks I was able to learn from a master. Although I never really became great at cartooning and still preferred realism.

Two years later, in ’98, my dad started working only part time at his job when after a large merger they moved him from printing press operator to direct sales. My mom wasn’t working so he began supplementing his income by selling on eBay. It was a brand new platform at the time, I think we got started within the first few months after eBay went live. For two years I helped him run the online business, selling old Magazine ads and shipping them in protective sleeves to our buyers.

Highschool saw it’s usual ups and downs. I explored technologies from ancient Egyptian Batteries to hydrofoil boats. I was part of a team that created the first human powered hydrofoil boat to hydroplane in Canada and I was featured in Ripley’s as the first to achieve this. But life wasn’t full of success. After a serious car accident at sixteen, I went a little coo-coo and dropped out of school for a year. I started working for a small fibreglass shop repairing sailboats. It was a dirty job, but one I loved because I could be an artist with fibreglass and putty. I took pride in my work, restoring boats to like new condition.

I eventually went back to school, started a co-op in photography and started my own photography business. I went to Georgian College and was successful with my schooling, maintaining honours while running my business. It was then that I had another taste of online success.

In December of my first year at College (2006), I started moonlighting at a radio station recording weeknight shows and co-hosting Saturday Nights. The website and blog I built for Sweet Sweet Saturday Night (as it was named) drove our late night adventures.

After College I started my own full-time photography studio which took a down turn along with our economy. I branched into web design and consulting with much greater success and have been doing the latter ever since.

Currently, I freelance as a Lead Developer for a web design firm and I own a web hosting business called Web Hive. I have taken that business and am branching out to include web marketing services, web video production and consulting services. I also have a web based application that I’m working on packaging for online subscription based sales.

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